Cool Pack Technology

K9 Pro Wear has perfected Cool Pack Technology that allows handlers and dogs to work safely and in more comfort under extremely hot conditions.

Cool Pack Features:

  • can be energized up to 200 times in the field
  • energized by adding cold water
  • energize time reduced with use of fridge or freezer
  • polymer gel crystal is non-toxic, odorless and inert
  • light weight, soft, flexible & non-binding
  • outer shell of durable poly-cotton
  • inside cooling temperature of 13 degrees C (55 F)

Cool Pack Vest:

  • works to reduce risk of heat stress
  • safely speeds recovery time from heat stress
  • durable black nylon mesh body
  • edged in durable poly-cotton
  • hook and loop closures
  • 3 mesh pockets hold cooling packs under vest
  • worn alone for cooling and heat stress recovery
  • thin enough to wear under a ballistic vest

Cool Pack Kennel Pad:

  • durable, tear resistant black nylon denier cordura outer shell
  • 19 inches wide, 36 inches long
  • hook and loop or nylon zipper closure
  • contains 3 inner mesh chambers for cooling packs
  • works to maintain safe core temperature in kennel
  • extends working time on post
  • effective emergency body wrap for heat stress
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